1-2-1 puppy and dog training sessions

At our facility, we specialise in 1-2-1 classes for puppies and adult dogs.

There are many reasons why you or your dog may not be able to attend group classes.

We want to provide opportunities for all dogs to live their best lives with their families.

Having 1-2-1 sessions means we can create unique classes to suit you.

Who might benefit from these sessions?

  • Dogs that are experience reactivity issues.
  • Timid, reserved dogs.
  • Rescues with an unstable background.
  • Families who have a specific behaviour problem they wish to resolve.
  • Co-operative care training (grooming, vet visits, administering medication, nail trims etc.)
  • Wanting to try some fun dog sports (scent work, trick training, dog parkour)
  • Have more than one pup in the household to train.
  • Wanting to involve children in the dog’s training and create a bond between them.
  • Regardless of the problem you are facing, we can tailor the package to suit your individual needs.

Package: 4 weeks R900

When: Weekday and Saturday slots available.

Where: 4 Suikerbekkie Avenue, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion.

Fill in the contact form here. Alternatively send us a WhatsApp on 0646 100 401.

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