The Oday Vets Podcast: Episode 3 - Why You Should Consider Fostering - With Claire From Meet The Fosters

Episode 3 of the podcast is up. 

Oday Vets Podcast With Claire From Meet The Fosters Why You Should Consider Fostering

In this episode, Dr. Lo-an and Sascha chat to Claire from the Instagram page @meetthefosters.

Here is the link to the YouTube channel to watch the video. 

Claire and her partner volunteered at animal charities until covid lockdown started. When they were no longer able to visit the charities, they decided to foster some of the pups to get them out of kennels whilst they waited for the right family to find them. Since then, they have successfully fostered and found homes for 40 dogs!

We wanted to chat to Claire about her experience fostering dogs. What you should know before getting into it and why others should consider it too. 



Please follow Claire to see what foster dogs she is currently looking after, over at her Instagram page here. 

Claire is currently fostering for the animal charity Sushi and Panda Foundation. This charity is doing amazing work for the dogs and cats of South Africa. Not only do they rescue unwanted dogs and cats and provide all their food and medical care before finding them a home. They also go into township to educate pet owners on responsible pet care as well as providing veterinary treatment. 

Please give the foundation a follow over at Instagram or Facebook

Sushi and Panda Foundation have published 2022 calendars with all proceeds going towards the care of more animals in need. Please contact us if you would like to buy a calendar.

Sushi and Panda Foundation Calendar Oday Vets

Huge thank you to Claire for taking the time to chat to us.