Oday Vets Podcast Episode 6 with Emma John - Living with a dog with GAD (generalised anxiety disorder)

Episode 6 of the podcast is here and it's a great episode.

Oday Vets Episode 6 With Emma John Living With A Dog With Behavioural problem generaLISED ANXIETY DISORDER

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Emma John is an ex colleague and friend of our team member Sascha. Sascha knew of the journey Emma has been with her rescue dog Cookie. With more and more dogs being diagnosed with fear related behavioural issues, we wanted to speak to a dog owner about their journey, warts and all.

Emma rehomed Cookie from a rescue when she was a year old. Bringing Cookie home, Emma realised she had taken on a dog with some complex behaviour issues. 

Oday Vets Podcast Dog Behaviour with emma john

Cookie was diagnosed by a veterinary behaviourist with GAD - generalised anxiety disorder. Emma shares their journey over the past 5 years. We discuss what Emma did with Cookie when a normal dog walk was out of the question. We cover reevaluating our expectations and the role behaviour medication can play in these circumstances. 

Oday Vets Emma John Podcast episode 6 dog behaviour problems

Huge thank you to Emma for agreeing to share their story. We hope that others with anxious dogs can take some inspiration and hope from their story. 

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