Reactive Dogs Welcome Here

Dogs can show reactivity in different ways. Some may lunge and bark, others may panic and flee. Put simply, a reactive dog is one that responds (in our eyes, negatively) to a trigger.

Reactivity is on the rise in pet dogs and there is fierce debate whether it's breeding, bad experiences, inappropriate socialisation or humans unrealistic expectations of dogs.

Whatever the cause, living with a reactive dog is difficult. These dogs have big feelings. Quite often they feel they have no choice but to express them. To them it can be a matter of survival.
Reactivity training involves identifying those triggers and working on changing the emotional response to them. As well as building their positive outlook and confidence.

There is no quick fix when it comes to reactivity training. Archaic dog training methods that used punishment based techniques only suppress the reactive behaviour. Surpression rarely works and typically explodes at some point, often towards the trigger or redirected onto their human or dog family members.

Relationship and confidence building as well as fulfilling the reactive dogs needs are essential foundations to build.

Regardless of the level of reactivity, your dog is always welcome here. Shame, fear and embarrassment, are feelings felt by the guardians of these reactive dogs. We want to work with you to help, no judgement here.

If you have a reactive dog and want help, please reach out and we'll be pleased to assist you on your journey. Fill in the contact form here. Or send us a WhatsApp on 0646 100 401.

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