Shy Dog or Bold Dog? Respect Your Dog's Individual Personality and Really Grow Your Relationship

Just like us, all dogs are individuals. Some are bold and motivated, others can be shy and withdrawn.
When we select a particular breed of dog as our pet, there are certain traits we can be almost certain to see. A barky Dachshund, a protective Rottweiler or a Labrador that like to hold things in his mouth. This is due to years of selective breeding for these traits.

However, despite this selective breeding, within a litter of pups, you will get an assortment of personalities. Some pups will avoid the rough and tumble play, others will instigate play by leaping and nipping litter mates. Some pups will run towards visitors, whilst others will approach with caution.
Meeting a pup with their mother and litter mates, will tell you a lot about the pup you may take home.
Some people will select the pup with lots of energy, others may prefer the pup that is happy to sit on their lap. Knowing and respecting the character of the pup you take will help in forming a strong relationship and help them navigate this big world.

Shy dogs may approach new environments or things with apprehension. Going at their pace and setting up environments to reduce negative experiences, will help in building confidence around new things.

Pushy, bold dogs may want to be everywhere and involved in everything. Teaching them when it's appropriate to be switched on ready to go and when it's time to settle, will make living together much more pleasurable.

During our training sessions, we'll help you understand your dog's individual needs and how to support them in learning and enjoying life.

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