Adolescent and Adult Dog Training Classes

Coming soon to Oday Vets, training classes for dogs over 4 months old.

Teenagers of all species are notoriously difficult to live with, and your dog will be no different to any other mammal alive. Your dog has to go through this difficult stage to allow him to grow up emotionally. The best way to survive adolescence is to maintain and build on what has been established thus far- which means, you need to keep bringing him to school.

One of the biggest, most noticeable traits of an adolescent dog is the inability to retain information or to focus for prolonged periods of time. Your dog may appear to forget previously learned cues or may be difficult to teach new behaviours to because he simply cannot sit still! :-)
The 6 week adolescent course covers the following:
  • Helping you with adolescent behaviour problems including mental stimulation ideas.
  • Advancing basic obedience cues e.g. "sit", "down", "stay", recall, body handling, walking on lead.
  • Teaching new cues like "settle", "place", "leave it".
  • Stopping jumping up.
  • Building further and maintaining socialisation, helping you with advancing with your dog to cope in busy environments.
  • For fun, some trick training and dog parkour. 
  • Exposure to fun scent tracking games.
Any dogs who have not completed our puppy classes will be asked to come in for a free assessment to ensure your dog will be comfortable in a class setting with other dogs.  
If you are interested in signing up for the classes, please whats app on 0646 100 401 or fill in the contact form here