Behavioural Consultations

I am a COAPE qualified animal behaviourist. Read more about COAPE here

Sascha Odayar COAPE behaviourist qualification certificate

Behaviour Modification:

Some pets experience behavioural issues that can not be solved via general obedience and training. I offer consultations to dogs, cats and rabbits. 

More serious behaviour problems require a behavioural modification plan. Behaviour modification takes an into consideration all aspects of your pet when deciding how to solve the issues. The consultation will involve taking a full history and having an in depth talk about the problems faced. 

After the consultation I will provide a detailed report with the behaviour modification plan. After this we will check in regularly via phone, message or email so I can assist with implementation of the plan and how to address difficulties. Additional in person sessions can be booked if necessary. 

The behavioural consultation, modification plan and support is R500.

We cover clients in Centurion & surrounding area.

Please call or email for more details: 0646 100 401