Online dog training and animal behaviour

Ideally we would be able to meet all our clients and their pets in person, but sometimes that is not always possible.

Thankfully access to technology has made it even easier to connect, where ever you are in the world. So for clients who still want to work with a qualified behaviourist, we can offer virtual consultations.

During a 30 min video call, we will discuss any issues you are experiencing and solutions. After the call a plan will be sent for you to implement alongside training videos. Remote support will be available whilst you work through the plan. Sessions cost R200.

Send an email or whats app detailing what you need help with. You may be asked to send short videos of the behaviour before the consultation.

0646 100401

Our consults are also for people who want to try something fun with their dog. Whether it's trick training, loose leash walking or how to socialise a new pup, if you don't have a reputable puppy school close by. 

Send us a message and let us know how we can assist you.