Oday Vets Podcast Episode 5 - Learning About Birds with Danielle from @Alphadelle

If you have ever thought about owning a bird, wondered what it is like living with a pet bird or are not sure what to do when you find an injured wild bird in your garden....this episode is for you!

Watch on YouTube here.

Danielle @alphadelle logo

Danielle is the person behind the Instagram account @alphadelle. On the page she shares pictures and info about caring for her 12 pets. She also has an educational YouTube channel, where you can learn about diet, enrichment and husbandry. 

Cheeky Beaks Parrot Rescue SA Logo

Danielle is also a director of the fantastic parrot rescue @Cheeky_beaks_sa. Cheeky Beaks is a wonderful organisation that has a huge foster network of volunteers ready to open their homes to surrendered, abandoned, sick or injured birds. As a result of their commitment to the cause, they have successfully rehomed hundreds of unwanted birds. 



If you are considering adding a bird to your home, this podcast is definitely one to watch. Danielle provides such valuable information.

Danielle has provided some links for us to share as an extension of our talk. 

Various types of bird toys.

A balanced diet for birds.

How to convert your parrot safely from a bad diet to a balanced diet.

How to help a sick or injured bird in your garden.

Please give Danielle and Cheeky Beaks SA a follow if you don't already. Both accounts are chock full of educational content that will enrich the life of your pet bird. 

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