Dog Training Treat Bags

Dog training treat bags are an essential part of a dog owners tool kit. Whether you are a serious trainer entering competitions, a dog owner teaching basic obedience or an owner with a reactive dog, a treat bag is valuable. 

Firstly, when teaching a behaviour, it's easier to have your hands free. We can use food to lure animals into position, but shortly afterwards we want to fade the lure and have no food in our hands. 

dog trainer centurion puppy

We can have food in a bowl nearby, but that means we need to teach impulse control so your dog doesn't try and help themselves to the pot of gold!

Dog food bowl

Having treats in your pocket is an option, a messy one though. Especially if you want to increase the value of your treat, to fresh or raw food!

A budget option is to get a kids waist bag from a clothing shop. I've seen some cool Disney ones in Ackermans. The downside to this is they are don't hold up so well when cleaned regularly and the zip fastenings aren't great for easy access. If you leave the zip open, when you bend over the food either ends up on the floor or in your dogs mouth.

Luckily there are a few dog specific treat bags to choose from. 

Dog training treat bags south africa rosewood company of animals mikki

How to decided what to choose?

  • Clip on or belt strap?
  • Easy to clean silicone or wipe clean fabric?
  • Multiple compartments or just one opening?
  • Bags that hold on treats or ones that are large enough for toys/phone etc. 

Head over to our online shop (here) to see the bags we have available.