Pet Corneal Ulcers - Veterinary Ophthalmologist Dr. Lo-an Odayar

Vet Vision's Dr. Lo-an is here to discuss a common eye problem our pets face, corneal ulcers. 

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Corneal ulcer is an erosion through the surface of the eye or simply an open wound.

Fluid accumulates in the cornea giving a cloudy appearance to the eye. 

Corneal ulcer dog eye dr. lo-an odayar veterinary ophthalmologist centurion gauteng

Most common cause of corneal ulcers are trauma. There are two types of trauma, blunt trauma and a direct scratch to the cornea. 

Causes of animal corneal ulcer blunt trauma oday vets dr. lo-an odayar veterinary ophthalmologist centurion gauteng animal eye problems
Other causes are chemical burn of the cornea. This may happen when an irritating substance such as shampoo or drywall dust, enters the eye. 
Less common causes are bacterial infections, viral infections and other diseases. 
Symptoms that your pet may have a corneal ulcer are, squinting, redness of the eye and ocular discharge.
Symptoms of a corneal ulcer in pets dr lo-an odayar vet vision oday vets centurion gauteng
If your pet has any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice from your veterinarian as soon as possible. Ulcers can be treated successfully with antibiotic eye drops and pain medication, IF diagnosed early enough. 

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