Oday Vets Book Club Pick November 2020

This month’s pick is "Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy' by UK dog trainer Steve Mann.

Steve Mann is a well-known professional dog trainer in the UK. He has featured on TV shows and founded the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, which trains dog trainers to a high standard using only positive training methods. He also does a lot for charities including Gauteng's very own DogTown. Prior to lockdown, Steve made yearly trips to SA and held lecturers and training days at the rescue centre. He's been in the dog training business for a few decades, so really does know his stuff. 

This book is a must have for all new puppy owners, even the veteran dog owners. Each chapter covers an important topic, such as toilet training, mouthing and loose lead walking. Whilst you can jump to the chapter related to the area you are struggling with, I really recommend you read the book cover to cover. As well as being informative, it is hilarious!

Steve explains at the beginning that the book uses positive training methods and why. "Having a dog in your family is a real honor and doing positive dog training is the honourable thing." Yes!
The mouthing chapter is particularly useful for new owners. All puppies chew, however, when you have a new pup with sharp teeth it can feel like it's a phase that lasts forever. Steve really puts it into perspective and explains why your pup is doing it as well as helpful training solutions. He explains, our job is not to stop the chewing, dogs (or land sharks as he calls them) need to chew. We need to teach them what are appropriate chew toys and what are not. 

When you are up in the middle of the night taking your pup outside for a toilet break, a flick through the chapter on toilet training will make it feel not so bad. Listed on tools for toilet training is "patience and a few deep breaths! (Although not when you are clearing up number two's!)". 

All breeders should include this book in their puppy pack to new owners. Following the advice here will really cement the relationship between puppy and owner. Positive training leads to a positive relationship. Following this guide will result in a dog who wants to please you and enjoys working with you. 
Steve Mann has recently released a follow up entitled Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy, that helps with problem behaviours in adult dogs. I'm sure it will be just as cracking as this book and we can't wait to read it. 

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