Oday Vets Book Club Pick December 2020

This month's book club pick is a coffee table book, Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott. 

Traer Scott is a photographer and dog lover. Her love for animals led her to volunteer within a shelter and was asked to photograph the dogs for record and adoption purposes. This is when the idea of the book arose. 

Day after day Scott saw dogs lost and abandoned, through no fault of their own. She wanted to capture the images of these dogs and their stories through simple pictures. Although the images are simple, they speak volumes. Each pair of eyes tell a different story. This book is heart wrenching, haunting and glorious. There are over 50 dogs with stories to tell. 

Through the book we are introduced to the dog with an image and a name. At the end of the book we are told a little about them.The harsh reality of shelter dogs is some make it, whilst others don't. Scott doesn't sugar coat things here. Some of the dogs we meet on the pages find their forever home and some are unfortunately euthanised. 

This book was published some time ago in 2006 but copies are still available. 

Amazon have copies here 


Abe Books have second hand copies for sale here


Although Loot don't have this particular book, they have others by Traer Scott 



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