Make Dog Training Sessions A Habit: How I Stay On Track


We recently added a new family member into the Oday Vets household. A new born to look after meant time with the dogs has taken a back seat. Getting back into good habits is hard, so I thought I’d share how I’m trying to stay on track.


Reward treat stations set up around your home

When training with clients, I always tell them that training sessions do not have to be long. 3-5 mins a day spent training your dog and you’ll see by the end of the week how much progress they have made. However, I’ll admit sometimes that 3-5 minutes can be really hard to achieve. The most difficult part is just getting started.

Treat station around your home reward dogs

In his bestselling book Atomic Habits, James Clear explains that the best way to implement a new behaviour is by stacking it on top of an existing habit. Habit stacking uses a habit that you do every day as a foundation for something new you want to achieve.

Placement ideas for reward stations treat dogs

The one thing I cannot go without every day is a cup of tea (or should I say multiple cups!). Therefore, I decided to stack dog training onto this habit. When I fill the kettle to boil, I can spend a few minutes training the dogs.

To ensure I stick to this I have made sure everything is ready to go. I normally use fresh food such as sausage, cheese or chicken to train the dogs, but preparation can be time consuming. Instead I’ve purchased a pot of Cuthbert’s Moisty Bites Mini Bones. These will last a long time in an airtight container.

cuthbert's moisty bites mini bones dog treats 500g

I prefer my treats to be smaller so I can reward multiple times. I broke the treats in half before placing in a jar.

Once filled, I’ll place the jar next to the kettle, so every time I switch on the kettle, I’ll remember to train.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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