Hereditary Eye Diseases in the Labrador Retriever - Veterinary Ophthalmologist Dr. Lo-an Odayar

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Today, Dr. Lo-an talked about hereditary eye diseases commonly seen in one of the most popular dog breeds - Labrador Retrievers. 

Hereditary Eye Diseases Labrador Retriever Veterinary Ophthalmologist Friday Centurion Gauteng

Labrador's have a genetic predisposition to several eye conditions. Some of these cause irritation and discomfort and most result in severe visual impairment. 

Genetic eye diseases of Labrador retriever distichiasis entropion retinal dysplasia progressive retinal atrophy cataracts Veterinaryophthalmologist Fridays Centurion

PRA is a form of  retinal atrophy that causes gradual deterioration of the retina, eventually leading to irreversible blindness.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA in Labrador retrievers can lead to sight loss Veterinary Ophthalmologist Fridays Centurion

What to do? Make a difference by being more conscious of where you buy your Labradors. Do not support breeders who haven't invested in their breeding stock. If they don't get the buyers for their pups they will have to make a change. 

Support ethical breeders do not buy from untested parents. Veterinary Ophthalmologist Fridays Centurion

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