Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Cat

Don't forget a present under the tree this year for your cat!

We thought we'd list some of our popular cat items that we think your pet will love. Click on the picture to be taken to the product page.  

Cat needs mental stimulation. Puzzle toys can be a great way of teaching your cat to problem solve. 

Cat's Life Cooking Hob Enrichment Cat Nip Toy Oday Vets
Cat's Life Cooking Hobby Kitty Carpet: Filled with catnip, you can also hide kibble or treats for your cat to find. 
L-Chic Cat CA-Tumbler Mushroom Enrichment Toy Food Dispensing    L'Chic Cat Mice Enrichment Food Dispensing Toy
Food Dispensing Toys from L'Chic: Mice or mushrooms, take your pick from these dispensing toys from L'Chic. Made from food grade, non-toxic plastic, these toys are so fun and look cute too. 
Licki Mat Enrichment Silicone Food Made for dogs and cats
LickiMat: These mates can be used for both dogs and cats. Smear with wet food, vegetables, yogurt etc. and let your cat lick it off. The filled mat can also be placed in the freezer to increase the challenge. 
Nina Ottoson Melon madness Puzzle cat Enrichment toy
Nina Ottoson Puzzle Toys: European brand, Nina Ottoson produce amazing puzzle toys specifically for cats. 
Red Dingo Cat Collar
Red Dingo Cat Collars: Is your cat looking for a new outfit? Check out these stylist collars made by Red Dingo. 
Make sure to share pictures with us of your pets enjoying their gifts. 

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