Alternatives To Dog Walks: Part 2 Steve Mann's Rucksack Walk

Part 2 of our look at alternatives to walks when we have a reactive dog. Steve Mann came up with a rucksack walk (backpack to those of you not from the UK). 

Check out part 1 of the series if you want to know why we recommend stopping dog walks if you have a nervous or reactive dog. 

Steve recommends taking time to be mindful with your dog, going somewhere quiet and taking time to sit and be present with them. 

On your trip you can take a bag with novel items inside. Each time you go, take something different. You also need to incorporate some acting skills as each time you get an item from your bag, you need to act like it's really exciting to get your dog eager to participate. 

Head over to YouTube and search for Steve Mann's rucksack walk. There are plenty of videos that demonstrate the activity. 

Here's a brief rundown of equipment to take and what to do. 

Infographic oday vets steve manns rucksack walk

How to do steve manns rucksack walk for reactive dogs oday vets

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