Allergic Conjunctivitis in Dogs - Veterinary Ophthalmologist Dr. Lo-an Odayar

Here is a post on canine allergic conjunctivitis, by our veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Lo-an Odayar.

Dr. Lo-an specialises in eye problems of all animals, dog, cat, rabbit, lions, tigers, reptiles, horses, birds of prey, tortoises and so much more. Dr. Lo-an consults at our practice in Centurion. If your pet is experiencing issues with their eyes, contact us today for an appointment. 

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Dogs with allergies more commonly show symptoms related to the skin or intestinal tract, but it is possible that allergies may be causing the irritation in your dog's eyes. Just like people with seasonal allergies experience. 

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Allergic conjunctivitis is inflammation of the eye that's usually caused by environmental allergens like pollens and mould.

Dog's with skin-based allergy symptoms (allergic dermatitis) are more likely to experience allergic conjunctivitis than dogs with no history of allergies.

If your dog is displaying any signs such as red eyes or irritation,it is important to have your dogs eyes checked to rule out any other serious conditions. 

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